SHIFT Coaching Programs

Uplift Your Personal Consciousness and Strategic Presence
Navigate the Journey from Achiever to Strategist
Build Your Coaching Profile and Practice



Cultivate your Higher Self and heal your shadow so you can take delight in a more enriching life experience while enhancing your relationships with others!


By applying uplifting strategic frameworks and strengthening your authentic, aspirational self, your magnetic powers of attraction will increase.


Enjoy the company of new colleagues, continuously grow your coaching presence and practice, tune into the universe and realise your unique potential in the world.

About Antoinette Braks

Antoinette is a Master Coach who enables senior executives and their organisations make quantum shifts in leadership effectiveness, people engagement and business performance. She consults in organisational development and designs and delivers SHIFT leadership programs and strategic off-sites for executive teams that have been proven to quickly uplift leadership capacity and effectiveness to advanced levels.

Clients navigate uncertainty and complexity with confidence, expand their strategic perspective and market presence, build empowering workplaces and boost long-term performance and contribution to social equity, shared prosperity and environmental longevity.

Antoinette has coached over 200 C-suite and senior executive clients over more than 3,500 hours, has been a lead assessor in over 500 management assessments, led 50+ executive team strategic off-sites and designed and led leadership programs for small and large groups of high potential leaders with proven results.

She has worked across the private and public sectors including banking, business, energy, engineering, infrastructure project and professional services, and Education, Family & Community Services, Finance & Services, Health, Police, Primary Industries and Transport. She would like to also support and guide political candidates.

Antoinette holds an array of coaching qualifications and is completing the Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision at Oxford Brookes University. She has studied with global thought leaders in developmental psychology including Susanne Cook-Greuter, Bill Torbert and Terri O’Fallon and is a partner debriefer with all three profiles.

Her new book, Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership, is planned for release in 2020 by McGraw Hill. Antoinette is an eternal student, a global citizen and a partner in cosmic evolution.

The Figure-8 Holistic Energy Operating System

Discover how you and your clients can make System Stage Shifts from struggling and striving to thriving and flourishing in just a single year!

75% of Achievers make the Stage Shift to Catalyst in a single year, and 25% move through to Strategist!

It was commonly thought to take many years to move to the later stages of development. However, it was found that development to these levels could be expedited and accelerated in a single year!

The 8 Drivers to Expedite the Shift to Strategist!

The SHIFT Coaching methodology was distilled by Antoinette Braks during her PhD Research Study. Integrate these 8 Drivers to develop your leadership capacity, build your coaching practice and co-create amazing outcomes with your clients and colleagues!

1. SHIFT Coaching in Strategic Leadership

This program enables you to co-create your future with uplifting aspirations and an expansive architectural framework that will free you to be highly productive, creative and effective!

  1. Set an Aspirational Purpose, Visionary Outcomes and Growth Values to Generate Elevated Commitment
  2. Identify EQUIP Measures and Targets, and Key Performance Shifts to Build Momentum
  3. Establish a Dynamic Operating Rhythm aligned to Value Creation to Move into highly productive and creative Flow
  4. Adopt a Set of Liberating Meeting Agendas to Engage Others in Empowering Ways
  5. Articulate the Seeds of a Signature Presentation to Expand your External Presence
  6. Undertake a Stakeholder Mapping Exercise to Build Relationships and Market Profile

2. SHIFT Coaching in Holistic Leadership

These elements synergise to transform your life. You will become aware of and eliminate reactive patterns and obsolete beliefs, while opening your heart, mind and spirit to a sense of peace within and infinite blessings.

  1. Set Aspirational Strategic Intent and Navigate the System Stage Shift
  2. Review the Power of Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Brain Wave Frequency
  3. Apply Positive Psychology, Heart-based Kindness and NGE Shadow
  4. Explore the Psychodynamics of Interpersonal Power Imbalances
  5. Transference and Triggers in Shadow Territory with healing GRIEF Process
  6. How to Script, Rehearse and Hold Courageous Caring Conversations

3. SHIFT Coaching in Stages & Shift Theory

This program will provide you with a sound understanding of the the science behind the stages and system stage shift. Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to answer any questions and win over any sceptics.

  1. Constructive Developmental Psychology and the AQAL Model
  2. The Scientific Foundations of the Stages of Development 
  3. Executive Prototypes across the Stages of Development
  4. The Scientific Foundations of the System Stage Shift
  5. The Interpenetrative Leadership Capacity that Emerges at Strategist
  6. Complex Adaptive Systems and the Shift to Teal Organisations


By cultivating the holistic self and expanding your strategic presence, you will experience a quantum shift in your coaching capacity, your business and your wellbeing! Join the SHIFT to invest in becoming your true authentic self, live into your evolutionary purpose and delight yourself and others by joining a strong, purposeful, high calibre coaching community. By embodying a more expansive presence for yourself, you will be able to act as an authentic guide for your clients while enjoying the support, encouragement and collaboration opportunities available within the global SHIFT coaching community.

Structure of the SHIFT Programs & Online Resources

Each Program consists of

  • 6*90-min Webinar Sessions by Zoom during the same week every four weeks on Wednesday or Friday at 2pm or 4pm from 31 July to 20 December 2019 and
  • 2*90-min Q&A sessions every six weeks at 4pm on Friday, on the dates advised. 

All Webinars will include ppt presentations, face-to-face Q&A, and techniques and frameworks that you can download and put to immediate use.

The Strategic Program includes assignments to complete, and the Holistic Program invites application of the concepts discussed. You're welcome to share your work and your experiences at each session so we can all learn from each other.

All Webinars will be recorded and uploaded onto the online Program along with the other resources, templates and frameworks. You'll be able to view and access them there.

The Q&A Sessions are designed to review and explore your experience in greater depth and showcase best practice. They are intended to respond fully to your needs and questions.

Online engagement in the SHIFT Coaching Community is on the same platform. We'll be able to tag comments, questions and suggestions with the relevant topic to have constructive enlightening conversations with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a word, Yes. If you're committed to evolving and you follow and implement the SHIFT pathway, you will land at Strategist. 25% do so from Achiever in one year, and others consolidate there within 2-3 years. Shifting into Catalyst is an individuation zone that eventually consolidates at Strategist. It's just that the world around us is mainly stalled at the Achiever paradigm and there's been insufficient focus on healing shadow and transforming the collective context.

If you only wish to do 2 programs, I would choose Strategic and Holistic Leadership as taken together, they will propel you forward. You can always cover off stages theory next year. If you just want to do one program then I would choose whichever of Strategic or Holistic is your personal priority. The other can follow :-)

Yes, all webinars will be recorded, and resources will be uploaded on the online platform too. You'll have plenty to work with and you can always post a question in the online community or email me direct if you're unsure about anything.

No, this is a separate cost. If you have already undertaken a STAGES Assessment or something similar, MAP or GLP, in the last six months or so, you do not need to retake it. However if not, it's important to do so to calibrate your journey and develop a perspective on your inner thoughts and beliefs. This will expedite your stage development. You can take up a high-value one-on-one 60-min debrief with Antoinette on your STAGES Profile.

"My time with Antoinette will forever have a positive impact on my approach to leadership. I found her perspectives to be thoughtful and insightful, and her connection with mind, body, spirit revolutionised my thinking and, most importantly, my actions. Antoinette helped me strengthen my ability to deliver a consistent vision personally and professionally; drive growth and development through people; encourage risk taking and accountability; and nurture self-awareness and reflective practice. Antoinette has a unique ability to recognise, understand and explain complex leadership issues and, along the way, there have been some surprising personal realisations. Her mentoring makes me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Attuning my inner self and harnessing my authenticity to be more innovative and strategic brought me unique opportunities as an Executive Director working in government. It awoke the inner warrior in me and enabled me to lead my organisation to success!"

~ Gary Groves
Regional Executive Director FACS

"Antoinette is an extraordinary leadership coach who truly ‘listens’ from multiple levels. Her commitment to her own evolution and growth and her innate ability to access her vast inner wisdom and bring that forth into form to guide others is a beautiful and powerful gift. Couple this with her extensive knowledge and an established (and tried and tested) suite of leadership development tools and approaches – and the result can only be WOW! Antoinette helped me to create a passionate and powerful direction for the next part of my journey. She holds a nourishing space from which I have been able to reflect, rewind, rehearse and evolve. Antoinette, thank-you for shining so brightly. The world needs you!"

~ Nicola Vague
Manager Org Culture, Diversity and Inclusion at City West Water VIC

"I had the privilege of Antoinette supporting me recently in my goals to advance my career and was extremely impressed. Her ability to provide constructive feedback was invaluable and insightful from the first meeting. Our interactions allowed me to reflect on my purpose and consider a more holistic appreciation of my impact in the C-suite environment. She really invested in my success and I recommend her to others focused on extending themselves to realise their career aspirations."

~ Craig Chambers
EGM Strategy, Portfolio and Innovation Energy QLD

"Antoinette is a master of motivation and spiritual wizardry! After every session, I leave feeling inspired and motivated with a sense of awe and wonder of my own unlimited potential. Her exuberant energy and zest for life is contagious yet she provides an architectural framework providing structure and support. How refreshing to have been blessed to have her as my executive coach and to share our life experience in the transformation of the soul."

~ Anne Tucker
Manager HSE, Sydney Trains

"Antoinette is a sensitive, creative and highly gifted coach. Her ability to coach senior leaders through the strategic maze of government while they balance their personal development is her strength. She is an Executive Coach of the highest calibre."

~ Jane Simmons
Executive Director of Public Schools

"Occasionally we meet folks who bring a unique perspective to strategic situations, creating new thoughts, ideas and innovative thinking. Antoinette is one such person drawing on a wonderful knowledge and understanding of so many aspects of life and business."

~ Richard Boggon
Director Infrastructure Services, Parsons Brinckerhoff

"Antoinette’s Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. She is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed. Antoinette has clear insight into what drives workplace behaviours and how to make momentous changes in perspective. Her strong strategic focus, business acumen and gracious understanding of people mean that you will gain far more than you may expect!"

~ Anne Cosgrove
Executive Director People & Culture FACS, Services NSW

"I enjoy my coaching meetings with Antoinette principally because I find myself uncomfortable. She continually challenges my normalised way of thinking. The coaching is not a linear process. It’s emergent, disruptive and even disconcerting - that’s where the magic is. Antoinette considers things from a deeper dynamic perspective. Her focus on embracing our uniqueness is inspiring and amazingly effective."

~ Greg Ellis
EGM Opal Transport for NSW

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SHIFT Coaching's Unique Value Proposition

  1. Evidence-based Constructive Developmental Psychology based on ground-breaking STAGES & SHIFT Research
  2. Proven measurable results, before and after, in Later Stage Leadership Development
  3. A highly efficient, effective and empowering blended coaching/mentoring method
  4. A distinctive blend of Strategic and Holistic development, business and personal
  5. Liberating strategic frameworks that enable organisations to move to green and teal
  6. Coaches have embodied the proven SHIFT approach to guide clients graciously 
  7. Professional Coaching Supervision to address common issues of transference
  8. SHIFT Account Management to review and report on client progress and outcomes!

The higher our self-expression and the deeper our self-awareness,

The richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution.

Antoinette J Braks


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